Wednesday, February 3, 2016

English Club at SMP Life skill TI IGM Palembang

SMP Life skill TI Indo Global Mandiri is located in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia. It’s one of the favorite schools in Palembang since it gets so many achievements.
There are many school’s extracurricular at it. One of them is English Club (EC). It is managed by 3 (three) English Teachers. They are Mrs. Hasnah Lubis, S.Pd, Mrs. Dian Anggraini, S.Pd, and Mr. Estijat, S.Pd. We are lucky of having Mrs. Suharti as a school principal who always supports and encourage the students to join English Competitions.
Here is the picture of English Club members and the teachers.

EC SMP LTI IGM is always conducted on Thursday and Saturday afternoon after school at 16.00-17.30. It has about 15 -20 members with different grades of students. It has some interesting and fun programs which most of them are about games such as playing scrabble, treasure hunt, win lose no draw, spelling bee and guessing songs.
Besides that, EC also has other interesting programs which have inspired the members winning some achievements in some competitions such as storytelling, speech contest, debate, quiz and spelling bee.

She’s Nyayu Anastasia Anandita Fatimah, who is the leader of student’s organization of SMP LTI IGM Palembang. She was the first winner of Story Telling Competition in South Sumatra 2015. She represented South Sumatra for national competition in FL2N event. You did it!